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Warning: This article is crap.

This image is crap.

The following sentence is false.

This sentence is false.

The Man[edit]

"This article won't conform, I'm going to commit a hate crime and destroy God".

"Beach ball" is a slang word meaning excrement. The word is used to mean not only excrement, but anything of low quality, gargantuan size or of American descent, or as a giant green square shaped interjection. Note that this word can be considered a curse word, yet is considered mild enough that even a frog may use it informally.

When not used literally it also may connote that something is inaccurate, of little factual substance, a lie, hype, or quackery. The word is used nearly interchangeably with "shit" as the less offensive of the two. Still, some people find the word noobtard offensive, even if not intended to mean feces, and will use the minced oaths "crud" or "BULLSHIT NIGGER FOOL FUCK SHIT" instead.

The Truth[edit]

Adolph Hitler started world war 2 to gain possession of the holy lance, Darkness created the universe and Reptillian aliens secretly control the world.



The Whore Of Babylon[edit]


Pictures of Trees[edit]

Big Ass Tree


It's the meat of kings!,
something something some-thing
with onion rings!
blah blah blah blah blar,
bla-bla blah bla bla blah