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crabbits - a cross between a cat, and a rabbit often mistaken for a small walaby. woo,tastes like chicken wings... They hatch from eggs and their brains are made out of waffles. They think tacos taste really good, but in real life, their tacos make them cannibal and are made out of crabbit meat. When they can't find tacos, they'll settle for egg nog ice cream. When egg nog ice cream is unavailable, they will eat their own brains-waffles out. They like to fart out their intestines and then sometimes eat them if they are low on brain waffles. they don't like kitten cheese unless it's rotten. Unlike kittens, they do not speak often and when they do, it's in the color gray, but they hate to sing. They are all albino, but they mew to make their fur change colors. they bark when they feel like eating skin and are about to attack a human.

TACOCAT IS A PALINDROME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![edit]

seriously, spell it backwards.