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It was quite loud, and this, unlike....toilet....isn't a dramatic fabrication to further to the symolism. Cymbolism. That's like...loud noise. Not as loud as it though, which was extremely loud. IT wasn't phlegmy, like some someday sometimes are. ONe two three four five. The TV is mumbling down there. I sniffled. After I did. I don't have a cold though, just allergic. Of all the particles to be floating, one disagrees. Argue. overthrow. Replace. Be argued with. Repeat. No, it's not always like that, but in many cases, it may very well be. So any way, there are afortementioned number things minimized. One is excessive, just to be aesthetically symmetrical. The exclamation point completes the motif.  !. Industrial furnaces, holders, reverberating. Sausage, still mumbling downstairs but louder. Paper can't be here. Dead.

A hand with dirt in it is holding something in the corner, with yellow underneath and spam galore. Dirt spam. Sounds tasty. Will have to add that to the shiny advertising neon campaign strategies. A website, five, four of them actually, one not being a website. I'm typing. There's a pen next to the computer. But why? You have no use for a pen at a computer unless you scribble on the screen. With it. Wiki computer formatting for software networking databases. I'm also doing something a bit more constructive in another minimized little realm. What a splendid analogy. Well, maybe not splendid, but it is spiffy. Ah, a tilt, an angle of slope. Slope-angle perspective nutrients. Eyeglass holder items, like mine except louder but plugging ears that it doesn't have. But thankfully, it works. Perhaps. Or maybe that's just what the acrylic sign holders say. Surroundings can be not surrounded, Surrendered, Shopping, and all at the same time simultaneous multiplicities for the greater benefits.. Better than the alternative, which is to not. A sentence with two words that can mean much more than a sentence with three. Or four. Or none at all, but a sound that can be a statement, more or less, like a pen next to a computer for editing the screen with vigour. Dawn. Dusk. This isn't purposes for spreading. Not like that. That sentence had three words in it.


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