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CorneroftheNet is a Subbuteonese IRC-like chatroom with 4 boards/channels available. Usually, 50 or so people are online at once with the occasional non-human or block of wood visiting. The chatroom is quite remote, and mainly services the Koala Prefecture. Super Japanese IPs are banned, and Illogicainenese are restricted to one channel, #International. Each user is allowed 3 consecutive posts in a row, called flicks or kicks. Also, Jon Stewart chats on here every 5 minutes for 0.0064 microseconds. werewolves cannot use it, because the servers are made of silver. Thus it is the meeting place for the Strangled Cat Party. This also makes the 8-Dimensional World-Wide Mad Deadly Fascist Communist Religio-Gangster Hybrid Computer God mad, because he is banned. Banned. And mad.

The channels are:

  • International – For everyone of every language. Quite divided into languages, it's rare to find someone who does speak your language.
  • Undernational – For those of no language, just using emojis
  • Blisternational – For those who can type really fast
  • Zeronational – Discussion of the song All I Want For Christmas Is a Dukla Prague Away Kit