Corbin Bleu

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Corbin Bleu

Corbin Bleu was created by Evil Clones of Ralph Nader in 9696....42BC. He was built to ahnnilate all Happiness and Sunshine on Earth. His Hair is built as a special unit to absorb all suckiness into his body, manifested in his Vochal Chords. He coined the term Spindango Fundulation to attempt to destroy all things sensfullish and stuff. However, he was stopped by me because I Used the term for good in 46 AD. Now it is the Only way to countervent Chicken Corbin Blue's power is to say this term.

In 2006 AD, Corbin Bleu resurfacd to try his evil purpose once again. He is forming an army of Rabid Groupies, led by the Evi One known a Lexy Dunbar. Too bad she doesn't know anything even close to tactics, so the Free World is safe for now. We must be careful, for Lexy is alive, after all and she could make a move at any moment. Wait. where am I? I'm Talking about Corbin Bleu. D'oh!

Corbin Bleu's favorite food is Emo-os. Jowever, He spontaniously combusts every time he eates it. However, the Moron Italic textStillItalic text won't just Roll over and die. DIE YOU IMBECILE! JUST DIE! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!