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Copy pasta is a delicious dish that originated in the Italian parts of the internet. Copy pasta is further divided into Copy Pasta Fresca and Copy Macaroni. To be considered copy pasta the text must have been copy-pasted at least once, and to be considered copy macaroni the text must be pasted so many times that everyone on the site is either sick of it or pasting it in each other's topics. The copy pasta that does survive to become true copy macaroni becomes exponentially more delicious the more it is posted. The requirements to become delicious or epic copy pasta are nebulous but instinctive to the sharp-sighted. While not all copy pasta is delicious, the poorly made copy pasta generally fails so fast it doesn't even become copy pasta. (see ytmnd)

Most copy pasta is created accidentally by (possibly intoxicated or depressed) losers on websites specifically designed for those losers such as somethingawful and 4chan. They spill their hearts and bowels all over the text input box until the result is that nobody can tell if the post is is a joke, an especially lame loser, or simply copy pasta that they haven't seen before.

Copy Pasta Fresca[edit]

Copy pasta fresca refers to freshly-made copy pasta. Copy pasta fresca can sometimes be identified with a Google search of a line of text from the post. If there are no results (except the site where you just read it), it may be copy pasta fresca. Another way copy pasta fresca can sometimes be identified by the line of text "This is not copy pasta" at the end of the post. This is not a surefire way, however, because sometimes the "This is not copy pasta" line at the end of the post becomes part of the whole copy pasta permanently or the line is added to a copy macaroni to confuse or annoy readers.

Copy Macaroni[edit]

Copy macaroni is copy pasta that is created by leaving a hot, steaming, delicious copy pasta fresca out on the counter of the internet's kitchen and throwing it at anyone who passes through until the copy pasta is stale and rock-hard. Everyone knows that things that are rock-hard are hard to chew and swallow, but they often still continue to repost and repaste the same text everywhere they go.

Sometimes you can boil copy macaroni long enough that it tastes SOMEWHAT like copy pasta fresca, but in reality it is just a poor imitation. For example, one might see a 3-paragraph rant from an anthromorphic animal loving depressed emo kid on myspace posted all over the internet and decide to make it more interesting by cutting out the last several sentences and replacing them with the lyrics to the introduction song to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

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