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Yeah, cooperation really worked out well for the American Indians.

Cooperation is something pitched to us just to pwn us.

Just when you least expect it, THEY will lull you into cooperating on something just so they can steal your tinfoil hat. Not very cool, especially since you were probably thinking to do the same to them. Trust no one. They could be Illuminati, Reptoids or other space aliens in disguise. After all, not everyone is a trustworthy relative of a Nigerian prince.

Just remember that International Cooperation Year was decades ago. It's over. Every man for himself. Think hard when someone is trying to trick you into getting into a lifeboat when you are on a sinking ship or trying to get you into going outside when you are inside a burning building. Like Nancy Reagan said, "Just say nope." There is a reason why "cooperate" never appears on Wackypedia.