Conversational Spanish

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A few things are clear in any language.

Forget about those expensive learning systems like Rosetta Stone and Duolingo. In most cases, especially with Spanish, you can figure out everything by yourself and save tons of money and time. And all you need is a familiarity with a few basic, commonly-used Spanish phrases.

The following list covers 90% of all things said in Spanish, followed by their translations in good ol' 'Mercan. Commentary is added in italics leaning letters.

  • Como esta! – I am in a coma. It may not look or sound like it. Just humor the speaker.
  • somos amigos – I own an Amiga computer. How do you get games for that thing?
  • ¿Que? – Do you like (Special) K?
  • No es aquí – Noh theater is a key. They probably like Butoh, too.
  • más músicaMother's moose is ill. I hate it when that happens.
  • es en peligro de extinción – the Pellegrini's almost gone.
  • ¡Manos arribas! – I really like (the movie) Manos: The Hands of Fate. How about The Room?
  • ¡Llama a la policía!Llamas are the police here. But how do they fly helicopters?
  • Pero no muy listodogs aren't on my list. I like cats, too!