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“Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies”

~ Fleetwood Mac
Conservapedia, the encyclopedia you can trus.

Conservapedia is an awesome wiki with banning people and lasers and banhammers and conceited admins (not unlike our own and stuff and things and conservation and nice things and Jesus and -- OH GOD I'LL JUST BE STRAIGHT WITH IT CONSERVAPEDIA IS TEH BEST WIKI EVAR OMG POLITIC EXTRMEiems!N*@09urh8f923jfm


Here's the truth: Conservapedia is an encyclopedia about the famous IRC bot ConServ, which allows the zealotry of both thievery and Jesus alike. There are many opinions on this subject.


This image is in no way biased towards atheism. It is, however, biased against Schlafly.

They're so very yummy, and they come in many flavors. Conservapedia.. does not come in many flavors...

It doesn't make sense.

Everything must now come in flavors.

Xelaqwertygshhjkl demands it.

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