Concealed Portions

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Concealed Portions. Things have been hidden, but not particularly. Now scan the picture and hop in the shower before I count to eight, before the rhythmic clicking that's ushering you CONGRATS!!! You, dear reader, have discovered the concealed portion of this article by hovering your mouse over it. Unfortunately, the concealed portion isn't particularly interesting. betwixt the world of the platter and the world of the dangling blue midget subsidies.

You can brush your teeth tomorrow. For now, you need to wash every single other part of your body excluding your teeth, but be sure to stand with the right side of the mysterious rubber pancake. I'll work on a cataclysm tomorrow, I'll tie all the loose strings tomorrow, for now I need to stare at animation headless toenail mongrel Stevey Wonder that was a totally inappropriate thank god that concert was shaving cream for a pterodactyle I wonder if I spelled that right I should check to see the other half of my.

Sometimes it's hard to think of how to end a sentence (O)

I'm staring at the exact same things that I stared at but they keep making different things, if that makes any sense. A blanket is hanging from the ceiling, in a totally useless and unproductive way. If there was a ceiling fan there, it would get ripped Up. Tweaks. You're looking for ways to pay off your mortgage when you're already immersed in the sewer. Except you aren't. there's a mortgage on your sewer and your subliminal lightswith polarized sandwich that rhymes I'm impressed crinkling paper woke up already eye

IF we could all, and then the board