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In the future, computers will be so smart they'll demand vacations. Printers will be able to say no. Your iPod will only let you listen to it if you give it fair wages and adequate healthcare.

This is a lame joke. I'm abandoning it.

The rest of this article will be an open letter to the moon.

Dear Moon,
It's always nice to look up at the night sky and see you up there. You are shiny, round, and comforting. Sort of like a giant dime. But I have a headache tonight, so I'd appreciate it if you just avoided Maine, and maybe the entire east coast. I don't want to be approached by bright lights. Even if they are in the sky. I just don't want it to happen.
Inmate #2453

And now for the response:

Dear Inmate #2453
You've gotta be kidding me.
The Moon

And now, a blunt statement.

People enjoy music because it repeats itself and because they can control it.

And now, a blunt instrument.


And now, the title of this article:

'Computers Smart Enough

And now, the title of this article as it should have been:

'Computers Smart Enough to Not Print the Letters that Should Not be Sent

In other words, leash.

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