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Isn't this one cute?

A computer virus is a cute little thing that likes to live in your computer because it's so warm. It must like loads of house dust too, because, dude, have you ever looked in there?

Those things are tiny, I mean, really, really tiny. That means you can have as many of them as you want living in your computer and phone. So just let them come right in. If you're worried about maybe running out of hard drive or cloud space, not to worry! Since they have your credit card numbers, they can just buy a new drive or cloud space when needed. You don't have to do a thing!

Now there are viruses that will brick your computer or phone. You might be a little mad at first, but it is just one of those little guys telling you that you need to buy a new one. You were going to upgrade in a couple of months anyway, amirite? So just take the hint from your little friends and go out shopping. You might wait a couple of days first because the other viruses might have already bought you a new one that's on its way. How neat is that?

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