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In, like, 1857 some guy was like "shouldn't everybody be equal?" That's when the black helicopters came but the ideal lives on forever. Oops, well anyways his name was Marx. Then,Lenin attempted this fantasy. So he got a gun and blew up capitalist and evil people. Russia "R" became "CCCP" (Cheesy Chunks of Craptactular Potato).


So the evil Nazis invade the CCCP. CCCP opens a can of whoop Ass on the Nazis and take Berlin and a bunch of tiny countries. The non-evil Nazis were killed by the evil ones.


Now, in like, 1950 the CCCP became a "nukler" country, and they came to be so powerful the only thing they became scared of was losing their power and supplies of red fireworks.


Sorry now well now the CCCP was developing a something so powerful, it would wipe the very water from the face of the earth.... Fuffy kitty fuff (WMD).


Oopsy. 'Kay, in like 1989 the CCCP was falling apart so they were like "Ah Mother Land!" and decided to go out with a bang. But right before that guy pushed the Big Shiny Red Button they decided to invade the USA. The United States of Imerica was briefly known as the CCCP2 as a result of the Cold War.

OK, now we got to tell you about commieism.


In a world of melons and bannas! The Low class banna must rise up to the captilist pig Pissaplle heads and utter a world age of melon assiable bulidings! With our goiant penises we can blow up the world of apples!


Er, watch this video.

File:Soviet National Anthem (best quality video)



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