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While it looks like Pac-Man choking on something, that is a big letter C that stands for cowboys, Coors and crack cocaine.

Colorado is the 91st state of the US, the only one with flag with a big letter C on to help remind people where they are.

It has Denver, the Mile High City. This nickname is the entire reason that the country hasn't gone metric. And it really is a mile high in height and drug experiences. Hippies kind of merged with cowboys there creating a unique hybrid, a Marlboro Man that smokes all kinds of stuff. While weed is legal there, Coloradans like the other traditional stuff like speed and angel dust as much if not more. Plus everybody in Denver is automatically in the Mile High Club.

Now if you like fabulous scenery, Colorado's got real mountains, deserts, canyons, big rivers. No ocean, but just wait awhile with this global warming sea rise thing. So why California got all the movie business is a wonder. Why, make some kind of cowboy movie and there's a lot more Indians in Colorado than there. So if some scene calls for a lot of dead Indians, Colorado can provide lots of them and will shoot them for free.

If you are from Germany, be advised there is something called Coors here that you shouldn't touch. If you drink it, you'll make a nasty comment about it and you will have a war on your hands.

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