Collision course :O

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Ohmygod ohmy allah ohmygod godmy oh...

That retarded spatula is heading straight for us practically almost maybe!!!

Oh no, its refusing to slow down despite that old lady having bravely bounced up the bonnet of his car and broken the windscreen with her face in an effort to warn him of impending danger!!

Its getting closer!! My only regret is not getting out of my bucket car and moving to a safe distance, but instead opting to remain in the bucket car to write this article!!!

My mistake, what i thought was a rampaging evil spatula/kawasaki hybrid was actually a picture of Allah promoting Butlins. Oh, darn my Uber-active imagination/flapjacks.

Now to continue my journey to Asda, who's pocket tapping slogan is far to horny to be resisted!! Impulse buying is the new black, yay for homo-erectus, may he live a long and life-like life!!

Here comes the w00ping....w00pw00pw00pw00pw00pw00pw00p00wned.00p. Orgasmic yellow.