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Conditions that day were exactly like this, only different.

You say you're cold, eh? Well, you don't know the half of it. This is nothing! I've been where it gets REALLY cold. What are you, some kind of wuss? Mommy's little baby? Let me tell you about being truly freezing cold. It was like being trapped in a block of ice! Even that Ice-9 stuff. Absolutely bitter, unceasing cold. After that, stuff like this is a walk in the park.

Now, I have to admit one must get used to it and it takes time to do that. Exposure to extreme cold bit by bit eventually builds up your tolerance, but you gotta keep it up or you lose it. You might have heard about those yogi adepts in Tibet. Those guys can control their body temperature and spend the whole day out in the snows in the Himalayas, just meditating. No whining from those guys. It's all mind over matter, pretty much.

So, here's my tale about my life-or-death battle with extreme cold, so cold that you probably can't imagine. There I was, with just a regular clothes, too. I bought my ticket for theater number eight in the multiplex and walked in, not knowing what to expect...