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Cola is not koala.

Kinds of Cola[edit]


Coke was supposed to be a medicine but the guy that made it realized it tasted epic with carbonated water in it.


Pepsi copied Coke but there is no proof. Then again Pepsi tastes better so let's say Coke copied Pepsi. Let's also say that Pepsi Cola is an anagram of Episcopal. So there is something very spiritual, by proxy about Coke.

Cheap Imitations[edit]

There are many imitations of Pepsi and Coke. Here is a list I know of:

  • RC Cola (Arsey cola)
  • Publix Cola
  • Chek Cola
  • Sam's Cola
  • Rite Cola
  • Fizz Cola

Expensive Limitations[edit]

There are many Limitations of Pepsi and Coke. Here is a list I know of:

  • They are too sweet if you use the sugar kind.
  • They are too chemically if you don't.
  • Do you want to supersize that? They make your meal more expensive if you fall for this.
  • Ounce for ounce, they cost more than gasoline. And you can't even run your car on them. Who needs THAT?

See also[edit]

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