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Silence. You're seated in someone's bedroom. The light's on.

An iguana sits a metre in front of you, on a log sitting on a shelf.

When it retches it sounds like a single violin stab - bnnp!

The air begins smelling of ceramics and you fall back through your chair into a pit of laughing eyeballs.

When they take a break from laughing, they brush up against you like affectionate cats.

You sink backwards into their salty milk, travelling slowly through some layers of soil and ocean.

When you reach the bottom, you find yourself falling from the bedroom ceiling, crashing like a ragdoll off the edge of the bed and landing on the wooden floor.

Discord! Dissent! Dissonance! A thousand iguanas are retching, one after the other! Bnnp, bnnp bunnp!

You pick up a scythe and spin, trying to stop them! When you spin, they all gargle with their tongues out! You are the iguana orchestra dervish! Silk!