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Clubmab is a entirely abstract concept? Like the grandfather paradox it holds burns into cheese and releases a powder. Clubmab is not human!

He was an elf. Basically.

Everyday while people hoped wished the elf to meet with us? It was an elf. I am a elf. Ain't we all?

He was involved in a rap video with Mr tea, they couldn't afford the real MR T because he was processing chicken breasts on charlies farm. Bolf.

O RLY?[edit]

I, like, sooo new that before gaysome. Although your pickled pipers pickled prickly pepper place is particularly plastic. But i disgorge.

Pickled pipers place is filled with nudies. Don't go there kidz.

Oh! I forgot to tell you. Heard of the Brats franchise?¿?¿ yes aren't they the hookers?