Clouds are America's greatest threat

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Yes, clouds are the number 1 threat to America. While we are focused with the Iraq War and oil the clouds will destroy the U.S.

The Proof[edit]

When you look at clouds doesn't it look like they are plotting something? See what I mean. There have been sightings of weapons of mass destruction and guns in the clouds. You know how sometimes you see clouds that look like pillows? That's a disguise they use to make people think they're harmless but at night, when you can't see them, they plot and plot. The proof is overwhelming.

How to Survive Attacks[edit]

Now that you know that clouds are very dangerous to mankind and people need to know how to survive and prevent attacks.

Ways to Prevent Attacks[edit]

  • Live in a area with little clouds
  • Shoot clouds with guns
  • Send death threats on a balloon to the clouds.
  • Buy cloud insurance
  • Do a rain dance so the clouds will let all their rain out and go away
  • Drink all the water in a local lake to prevent clouds

The More You Know[edit]

Now you know the dangers of clouds what will you do? Go on with life like nothing happened, or get up and make a difference. We need to spread the word. Tell everyone you know about the dangers of clouds. What you used to think is just a harmless cloud is a threat to society. If you actually want to make a difference go to

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