Closet travel

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Perhaps you would like to take a vacation but lack the dinero (comprende?). One thing you might try is closet travel. This requires no money, and heck, you can even do it naked.

The most famous purveyor of closet travel is Beauregard Von Hassel-Assen. It was in his travel diary circa 12 B.C. that he documented in most eloquent detail his first adventure in closet travel. He tells of wrestling bear skins and journeying through the musty swamps of Argyle. Thousands of closet travelers have since followed in the footsteps of Mr. Von Hassel-Assen and each has his or her own unique stories to relay.

Closet travel can be done at any time of day and in any of the closets in your home. You may want to begin with the light on, and as you become a more experienced closet traveler, turn off the light.

Perhaps you own a pantry or armoire, these are two variations of closet travel that provide a most rewarding experience.

Do it, you will love it, I guarantee it.