Clog Spider

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“What do you call a spider inside a clog?
Kermit the Frog!
~ Richard III, act 4, scene 4

A clog spider is that gunky mess you dig out of the drain when the water won't drain from the tub or shower. Most people go screaming from the bathroom when they dig out this abomination of nature and have a look at it. And this even includes people who pick up their cat's hairballs without a second thought, or clean up baby shit smeared all over a room. Perhaps it is then important to remind you that that tangle of hair came from your hairy head and body, glued together with soap you used and dead skin you sloughed off.

Of course, it will come to life at some time and kill you in your sleep so we'd expect you to burn it, blow it up, scatter the ashes to the winds and have your house exorcized.


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