Clipped & Distant (Did that cow have a head?)

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I have something I was supposed to do, as ordained by the woman who enjoys pumpkins.

The Egyptians also enjoyed pumpkins and Tac, Father of Ra, and Relative of Caligula's son.

There was another Great Pyramid even bigger than the Mediocre One which is alive (literally with organ) today.

It was made of pumpkins, but they decomposed. Nobody goes to see the dust.

Why does nobody ask for Abraham Lincoln's autograph? I'd love a pile of nondescript ash to sign my (.).

No dust pan I.

He had a terrible voice, so he screamed.

She new how to sing, so she never did.

I stepped on an ant and none of the other ants noticed.

Blade Guard.

I taped a piece of paper to another piece of paper.


This title is irrelevent, as is this sentence and the preceding one.

Larry is free.

My shoes.