Climate change

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My has it become hot recently!!

Oh my, I'm sorry - it is climate change. Well Bob's my uncle and call me Harry, it's climate change! Well no need to beat around the bush, lets put buckets over our heads and paddle our way to the Maldives. Wait no they're under water now aren't they? Oh well, lets go to the tribal regions of Oonga Boonga land. Oh wait that's gone under water now. Hokay this is getting weird, its a bit like waterworld, innit blud?

Eh? Sorry I was nodding off

It's a bit like waterworld innit?

Eh? Wha? Oh yes... waterworld. Hm.

So where should we sail off to now? Some faraway island where the flowers grow large and tall and current inflation issues are no longer the problem?

Well I s'pose so Bob.

I'm a bit hungry.

Hey ho, let's go. To Subway.

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