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Congrats, you've won* a free holiday to your house!**

* Just send £5,000 to Wackypedia, c/o Kate Susan, Somewhere in Hell
** Terms and restrictions may apply, extra charge for baggage

Testimonials From Other Winners[edit]

  • I won a free holiday, Im so overwhelmed, I had a lovely afternoon in Grimsby, would win again, but they dont hand out these things lightly.-KS
  • I had the most wonderful years in my house. Thanks for a great vacation.-Madison

  • That was an awesome change. I never thought I would feel better again, but this free holiday was just the thing I needed. I would recommend it to everybody! -PH
  • WOW! I loved my holiday in Sheffield! Never seen anywhere like it!-AK
  • I bought a holiday and all I got was a free click.-TBUA
  • I must strongly object to the prize of this contest. It is highly discriminating, because it means that homeless people will never be able to win a prize! I demand that:
  1. People living in the street may win a holiday to their favourite street.
  2. Nomads can win a holiday to their favourite tents (wherever that may be).
  3. I get a holiday to my boat
  4. People whose lives ar in Vain, may spend quality time in Vain.-CP
  • My army of flying ninjas has assassinated your free* holiday. You fail. Please try again.-Ninja
  • By any chance can you convert the prize to dollars?-'Murican
  • What the hell is a free holiday? Is that some British term for vacation? -Another 'Murican
  • OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! I WON A FREE HOLIDAY!!!!! WOOOHO! AND ALL I DID WAS CLICK! -First Day on the Internet Kid
  • If it's free, that means I don't have to mortage my house to get the money! Thank god I stumbled onto this link!-Donald Trump

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