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These Hammerhead cleaner sharks have modified and installed car wash mechanisms to speed up service.

You've probably never heard of cleaner sharks. That makes two of us.

You have probably heard of cleaner fish and cleaner shrimp if you watch animal documentaries with your pets. These small creatures set up stations, where bigger fish come up not to eat them but to get groomed. The cleaner fish or shrimp will pick off dead skin or parasites for food. In fact, the big fish are so happy they won't eat the cleaners, making it a win-win situation except for the parasites.

As it turns out, there are also cleaner sharks of all different species. They carefully clean up the area around a prominent rock, signalling to the fish in the surrounding area that they will be opening a cleaning station. When buckets and rags are put out, or when stolen parts of a car wash have been carefully reassembled, fish know that the station is open for business and begin lining up. The customers are sent through one by one and all get eaten until none are left. The surrounding area is cleaned of all fish. Thus, the name.

These sharks are very cagey and have even lured submarines by offering free detailing along with a hull cleaning. However, cleaner sharks will then suck out the crew through a sub's missile and torpedo tubes. The entire Peruvian submarine force was completely wiped out this way. This is why you've never hear anything about the Peruvian submarine service.

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