Chuck Testa

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There are a dodo at the casino! NOPE! Chuck Testa! A weird taxidriver who likes to fool people.

There is a History outside my house! NOPE! Chuck Testa![edit]

Chuck Testa was born at a weird neigborhood where people always say "NOPE!" 6 years later, he learned to say "NOPE!" From then, he fooled people.

How He Was Fooled Himself[edit]

  • Chuck Testa:(walking in the forest)
  • (Bruce Lee appears)
  • Chuck Testa:(bleeep)It`s Bruce Lee!
  • Bruce Lee:NOPE!John Simm
  • Chuck Testa:(bleeep)

There is a Famous For lurking in my room!NOPE!Chuck Testa![edit]

  • Fooling people

Dad,there is a Likes under my bed!NOPE!Chuck Testa![edit]

  • Fooling people(again)

Theres a Dislikes in the bar!NOPE!Chuck Testa![edit]

  • Dancing
  • Being fooled himself

Theres a Rank Counting in my bed!NOPE!Chuck Testa![edit]

  • Life:Uknown
  • Speed:50000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
  • Stupidness:4
  • Swimming Style:NOPE!
  • Likely to die: Nope.avi%
  • Age:Uknown
  • Final Rank:90: Chuck Testa are above the regular moron! A little bit more now, Chuck Testa!