Chocolate bananas

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Ensure the bananas are not past their sell by date or you may have to call the doctor.

“Chocolate... but NO! Dietary products! What is this evil invention?!”

Chocolate Bananas are bananas grown in Tuscany's region of Chocolate, quite different from Banana Chocolates, which are things that you buy for a cute little chimpanzee you want to do on Valentine's Day.

The taste is reportedly akin to licking a baboon's buttcheek twice daily whilst gargling with toothpaste and seventeen year old oil.

White chocolate bananas[edit]

White chocolate bananas are also available but are much rarer due to the lack of a suitable stabiliser. Usually "white bananas" are fatal, leaving the eater unable to live.

In conclusion, do not eat chocolate bananas. If you have to, be extremely careful and sure that the product is indeed chocolate and not Nutella.

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