Chocolate Rain

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Webster's dictionary defines Chocolate Rain as the precipitate that occurs during severe tornadoes, or worse, category 5 Chocolate Factory Explosions.


Biological Structure[edit]

Well it's basically drops of chocolate. Kinda droppy, like rain drops, but made of liquid chocolate. Yeah. Section wasted.

And now for the typical n00b vanity you were expecting when you clicked on to this article:

Blah blah blah
(contunues for 4 minutes)

Warning: sensible section ahead.

OK so this dude named Tay Zonday made up a song called Chocolate Rain and he put it on Youtube where it was famous and now has 22 million views. CHAWKLUTTTTTT RAAAAAAAINNNN!!!!!!!!

You may breathe easily once more.

Just remember to move away from the mic first.

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