Chocolate Fnjord

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Chocolate Fnjord is a type of fnord that is known to taste like chicken and invisable at the same time. It was developed by nuclear powered faries in the North-West Pole during the year xx44 3.D. (no one knows exactly when, but dentists have proven that it was during Geroge Cloney's 8th Birthday)

The chocolate Fnjord has also been proven to taste like the following (by the Royal Sociaty of Hot Dog buns)

  • Water
  • Rice
  • Low-Fat Lard
  • Coke-Zero

The problem is, none of these things have any taste to begin with, so the RSHDB were sentanced to 50'000 years in a glass box that contained only a half-eaten verb, and 3 gallons of Saterday night......20]ò¢‡☻♦♣� ◘•_=0Ñ-◙♀◄↕

  • hic* what seems to be the officer, problem?♣♣♣♣♣E

...sir, do you know how fast you were typing?

What do you mean? If I typed any slower I'd go back in time.