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The Emperor of China is the master of the Universe. He rules with a scepter of apocalypse. He holds dominion over all the nations of the world.

The verdigris on the Imperial Bulwark demonstrates an infinite degree of decay. It is a sign of the approaching apocalypse.

The King of America visited the Emperor. He was assaulted by ten thousand furious doom-bringing lords of Japan.

Japan declared total and unlimited war against the United States and its president, who had outlived the king.

Following the battle of China, the world was taken control of by the Emperor. He was the lord of all the nations.


Chinese emperor is the universe master. He rules to □shows the monarchial power. He takes dominant world all countries. The verdigris is decayed in the imperial 舷牆 demonstration infinite degree. This is the symbol which close □shows. US'S king visited emperor. He your excellency which brings by Japan's ten thousand angry doom attacks. Japan declared comprehensive and the infinite war opposed US and its president, live is longer than king. In China the battle, the world has later taken over control by emperor. He is all national your excellency.