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Warning: this article may be slightly racist. Reader discretion advised.

Hehe, lol I mean what the hellk is up with the Chinese eh? They like to put their noses up and stick them like that with sellotape and they accuse us of being too capitalist eh? funny eh? yeah I think so, yeah.

Chinese langauwadge[edit]

Their speaking is well funny too! They all like AH SO AH SO AH SO and we all like YES YES YES and they accuse US of being fat cat, imperialists!

Drench them all in hot napalm! Oh but now thats frowned upon beacuse its not politicaly correct! Freaking hell. In the good ol' days when I was with the KKK they loved that stuff.

Chinny chin chin[edit]

Yeah! AND WAT ABOUT CHINNY CHIN CHINS? EH? FORKASAKE. Oh wait, that's Japanese, ain't it?