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Emile the headless chicken.

Chicken butt is the very strange name I used to call my friend to annoy the sh*t out of him. It worked, and EVERY DAY I get the same thing, I get my foot stepped on. The reason why I don't call him "chicken butt" any more is... he gets clucking angry.

I now, for some reason, call him Jon. He hates that even more, amazingly. It's really funny to watch how he reacts to "Jon! Come over here!", and he comes over alright.

To step on my foot. Or sometimes to trip me up. And I think I might stop calling him Jon now. Because me and my friend Jimmie McDoodle have come up with a new name for 'Jon'. Egg-Egg.

I have no idea what that crap is meant to mean. Jimmie is a weirdo. So that would be why I now call him Egg-Egg. But I plan on calling him "Ben" when the fun runs out of Egg-Egg. He is funny. You should see it. It's the funniest thing you'll ever see.

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