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Cheap, chewy, candies that taste like crud!

~ Some kid

I like to chew it chew it. I like to chew it chew it. I like to chew it chewit. I like to... chewit!

~ Guy with no teeth

Chewits are meant to be chewed spewed. They come in the form of crab apples with sharpie marker all over. I don't like to chew it, contrary to popular belief. In fact, I swallow mine whole because I have a death wish!

Flavours of chewit[edit]

  • Turtle spit - particularly popular in Holland and/or parts of North Belgium, but not Gelderland.
  • Corn - chewed by farmers in southern Alabama
  • Petrol - discontinued due to the modern economic climate
  • Monster belly button fluff and Srgakimbo

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