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Left 5 minutes ago, but an afterimage is still there.

Fast facts[edit]

Cheetahs are so fast that:

  • they can run faster than records show. They just don't want to
  • they can make the Kessel run in under 11 parsecs
  • they can take The Flash's verbal order in a fast food drive-through and have it ready before he drives up
  • before you could finish reading this line, cheetahs would have marked it tl;dr and sent it on to Redditors to be criticized to dust
  • they have destroyed the career of YouTubers they don't like by downvoting them thousands of times in the first few minutes after a video has been posted
  • when you see an empty chair in a restaurant, a cheetah not only has beaten you there, but is already finishing its meal and looking at its check to figure out the tip
  • one bought the last of whatever you went to the store to get
  • they can turn off the lights and be in bed before it's dark. They usually have beds right next to the light switch, though.

Or did you mean[edit]