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A Cheese Weapon is a weapon who shoot some running cheese that kill you.

The first example was in 1930 the Mafia era, where the first "CheesyGun" was maded, after 10 years WW2 was begang, and the gangs began to sold cheese weapons out for all nations (Inclusive Germany).

In 1945, without any license from the gangs, the american army realeased the very first cheese atom bomb. It took out 2 Japanese citys, and the secret city Atlantis (who sank) in a failure.

In 1950 the gangs got killed by the more modern gangs, and they sold out all the weapons to the Belgians and the French Cheese Weapon Staff formaly know as FCWS.

In 1970, the French army was the only land who still go in for the cheese nation, but in 7 march 1977 the president cheez man dies, and they begang to make a company to show there honor.

In 1990 the company is finished, and already sold about 70000 millions weapons to Iraq, who used them under the first golf war, sadly, they eated them instead of using them correctly.

2007 the 2 jan, the company got a new adminstrator director, Jakorov Chees Matiazichessen, who maked the french army to what they are today.


  • The icecream weapons company Harry's Icecream Weapons is theres beggest concurrent, and the cheese weapon company only have about 20 million $ more then Harry's Icecream company.

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