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Cheese is tasty like sheese. If you hate this page, may the burning pits if cheese dippinesss, for your information. Sing the song to please all Gorgonzola, else be banished to the pits of hell.

Ohhhhh Cheese
Oh cheese is good oh cheese
Ohh shceeese
If you don't like cheese, then the blobbie thingies wilie eattie your-a soul!
Cheese, oh cheese eat it now until you barf
Ohhh Cheese, oh cheese eat it now or farf

Due to the sheer cheesiness this song has been edited for your safety. The third line is meant to be sung in an Italian accent.

The Cheese[edit]

The cheese was once Godzilla's most powerful enemy. Godzilla, you see, is lactose intolerant. But when he discovered Godzilla wasn't, the cheese had to run for it, otherwise it would be consumed in seconds by the ravenous lizard.