Cheese sandwich of doom

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ARRRGHHH!!! It's a Cheese sandwich of doom, run for your clean hands!

Properties of the Cheese sandwich of doom[edit]

  • The Cheese sandwich of doom can flow over ground on a lubricating layer of grease.
  • It can defeat opposing breakfast-based snacks with bolts of grease lightning.
  • It consumes smaller weaker cheese and/or/? bread based foods in epic chase scenes choreographed by The Matrix people.
  • It stomach erosion powers are secondly only to the Big Mac.
  • It's cheese is strong enough to kill french people.
  • It's Italian cheese

and finally,

  • It's bread is toasted, nicely toasted.

Instructions to the construction of the Cheese sandwich of doom[edit]

  • Take a bit of sugar
  • And spice
  • and everything nice
  • then burn it so it's toasted, nicely toasted.
  • Start again
  • Toast some bread nicely
  • Grate an old man's foot over the bread
  • Toss pie in (preferably mango but apple works).
  • Heat the mixture over a fire conjured by Dumbeldore, or "Brenda" as he likes to be called.
  • Glare at it whilst coaching it to play sports, using phrases like "girl-pants".
  • Make it eat a Big Mac (this stage can prove fatal on both parties).
  • Leave it to stand in boiling fat for a minute or so.
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