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Charlene (insert last name here) is a singer-songwriter.

Born Charlene D'Angelo and later becoming married as Charlene Duncan, she joined the segregated Motown label Prodigy and proceeded to write flop after flop, and recorded as just Charlene just to confuse matters even more. She became a US one-hit wonder with the dreary ballad I've Never Been to Me in the era of dreary ballads, but only after it flopped on its first release when Prozac use was at its peak. By the time it hit near the top of the charts she had moved to the UK and remarried and was now Charlene Oliver. Motown sought her out to promote the re-release but required her to never have a last name again. It became an international hit.

This allowed her to duet with no less than Stevie Wonder on her truly depressing ballad Used to Be. Many US radio stations refused to play it for its controversial lyrics and it was banned outright in the UK. Normally, that should have propelled her to fame and fortune, but alas, she was not a hard rock or metal band.