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A Chapstick is a handy accessory carried about by Superchap.

Lugging around his Superbrolly on days where no rain is possible is quite out of the question for a dapper fellow like Superchap. On such days, his Chapstick comes into play, convenient for pointing out things to tourists as well as being useful to lean on whilst queueing up for a bus. In a pinch, it could be used for a weapon, but Superchap much prefers to use his Freeze Vision on the bollocks of his foes instead of risking the beautiful finish on his heirloom Chapstick.

A smaller version with mysterious waxy contents is also used by Happycat to accessorize himself on windy days. Just how this is important has been debated on the floor of Parliament and the men's room of the Pig & Whistle pub.

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