Chaka Khan

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“Is she related to Kublai Khan?

“Yes of course Tamia, why do you think that she is a popular singing sensation in Mongolia; also, she has an ancestor who fought off wild dinosaurs and saw the Crucifixion of Jesusasaurus rex

Alicia what happens when they cross Chaka Khan with you?”


~ Alicia Keys

“A Girl Through the Fire”

“I'm going to get me some of her Khana Sutra® candles; I'm sure I'll love them - get it! Adele will surely love her chocolate covered cherry Chakalates®”

Phyllis, tell me something good”

“I feel for you”

Commentary by Alicia Keys[edit]

She's among the best. In fact, |this year, she will have an iKhan. It will be in complete contrast to the piece of shit iTamia, and be up there with the iAlicia. This lady even has her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I look forward to the iKhan album. Blessings on Chaka Khan from the Most Holy Ancient of Noodles, the Flying Spaghetti Monster.