Ceiling Cat

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Ceiling cat and angel statue.jpg

Hey, u hoomanz!

Dis iz Ceiling Cat. Howya doon? N dis is mah abenjing anjel. Say ohai, anjel. No? Sawry, she's kinda shy and lookz liek she's bizzy right dere choppin off teh heds and all. I don't know whay I haff to keep remind u guys, but u still owe me a buncha cheezburgers for keeping tha meteorite from hitting the Earfs. I noes this is before your 30 dayz notice, but I is starvin', Marvin. I tink u guyz know better and maybe itz jes a long line at teh burgerz joint or somefin.

Becuz u do not want Ceiling Cat to loos teh trbl anjel lady upon yur heathen buttz. She gots teh fateful lightnin and a trble swift sword n everting, if ya noes whut ah means. So shake a leg, wouldja? Maybe some fries would be gud.

Plus I was jus wonderin. How comes I gotta talk funny like dis to u guyz, huh? Kthxbai.

PS Sum napkins plz. Kthxbai agin.