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This article is not finished.
  It has until the next new moon to sober up.  
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This is stuff being worked on, cleaned out at each new moon. Unless it's good as it is, in which case the template is removed using a Black & Decker power tool of the werewolves' selection. If the article is notable enough, but not worthy, it will be plastered as trash instead.

NOTE: The WIP template - {{WIP}} - can be put on articles in need of improvement that are currently being worked on in order to cut them some slack. If you otherwise encounter an article not good as-is, concider using the trash-marking system.

If you have planssss and desperately want to keep a work-in-progress article or article series to yourself or a group of editors, you can use {{stealnt}}. Adding it will also result in the addition of this category, they will not be protected from deletion however, but the template will not be removed after the clearing of the category.

If you started a page, but halfway through lost interest, and have no interest of finishing it then feel free to stick an orphaned tag on it. Just add {{Dead}} on to the desired page. Adding it will also result in the addition of this category, but unless the article isn't good as is it will retain this tag until it's completed.

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