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Note that there are several prominent characters that pollute appear many times on the site. They have been icons/mascots of the various versions of the site, collected here as if this was Arkham Asylum or something. They include (currently not in any order):

  • Happycat, the god of the NEDM clan
  • Phyllis Hyman, soul/R&B/jazz vocalist, who also sparked a brief attempt at restyling this site as Phyllogicopedia
  • Tamia, another vocalist, presented as Phyllis Hyman's rival
  • André Breton, Surrealist writer and god to the writers of nonsense
  • Francis E. Dec, Outsider writer, to say the least
  • The Banana, Illogicopedia symbol and favorite fruit, now solely used by the offshoot Illogicopedia

Note that Oscar Wilde as a thing is from Uncyclopedia and is largely ignored here. You can include others including corporate mascots here, too.


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