Catch That Pigeon

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Definately NOT 'Catch THE Pigeon'[edit]

That was a fruity 80's T.V show. Catch THAT Pigeon is far better.


Catch That Pigeon was a fruity '90s T.V show in which a number of characters (mainly repressed homosexuals) pretended to care about catching a pigeon so that they could be united in a common goal and therefore had an excuse for getting close to each other and eventually bumming. The show lasted for 8 series' before being cancelled due to lack of any plot, sense, or actors (all of whom died of AIDS).

The show sparked controversy in 1997 when animal rights activists complained when the pigeon was shoved into the rectum of one character during an orgy scene. The show producers defended the sct, saying that the pigeon was clearly heard consenting prior to the scene.

Catch the pigeon is also Drug-slang. Just as one who is said to be chasing the dragon is a user of crack, anyone said to be catching the pigeon is addicted to pigeon.