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      You are probably here by mistake and searching for Chaka Khan, no doubt?

Cat the Khan, as you so cleverly worked out, was a cat, living in the Empire of Mongolia circa 1200 AD.

Genghis Khan ruled his ever-expanding empire from his palace at Karakorum. While delegating some responsibilities to his sons, his was the last word and he spent long hours into the night receiving visitors and reports and making decrees. He was an exhausted man at age 40.

Then, after returning to the throne room from a bathroom break, he found a cat sleeping on the throne. Rather than have his guards chase off the cat, he stood there marveling at how the cat slept so well. Suddenly, a delegation from one of the towns entered and made an impassioned plea for money to the cat on the throne. The cat yawned and the mortified delegation left quickly.

Genghis Khan came to decision right there and brokered a deal with the cat. The great Khan would be on the throne for half the day, the cat for the other half. All decisions made by the cat would be binding. This agreement had the additional benefit of keeping the throne warm for both of them.

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