Cat got your tongue

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Cat got your tongue. Cat wants 200,000 dollars within the next 24 hours or your tongue gets it. "Pow pow!" says cat. "Imma shoot yo' tongue right throuh iz head if yo' don't git me mah money."

Squirrel has your larynx[edit]

Squirrel has your larynx. Squirrel wants 4,000,000 dollars by the end of this article or your larynx will be sleeping with the fishes.

Duck has your waffle[edit]

Duck has your waffle.

Monkey has your hat[edit]

Monkey has your hat. Monkey thinks your hat makes him look cool. Monkey gives you your hat back.

Monkey has your hat again[edit]

Monkey apologizes. Monkey gives you your hat again.

Frog has your hat[edit]

Frog doesn't give you your hat back. Frog makes silly faces at you. Frog gets a boot up his twerpy little arse. Frog was asking for it.

Fish has your larynx[edit]

Fish found your larynx. Fish gives you back your larynx because fish is such a nice guy. Squirrel gets mad at fish. Squirrel tries to shoot fish. Fish eats squirrel. "Yummy yummy" says fish.

Cat still has your tongue[edit]

I suggest you do something about that.