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“I am carl. My dogs name is carl. My goldfish is carl but my dino is called Al.”

~ Carl on carl and carl and carl and Al the Dino

Carl was the man who held up the moon wheen it was at the zenith of collapse.

Lets be thankful. But not too thankful, because you know what happens if you are too thankfull... The sky falls in on yer head.

Carl lived a happy life, holding up that faithful moon. Until one day Chuck Norris blew it up! Then Carl sat down and thought: "Sigh, I wish I had somethin' else to hold up...". And so Carl now holds up Ja Big Ball O Fiya!

The things that happened with him and stuff[edit]

It went boom! and he was all like, wow. You were all like pow.

And that, my friends, is the story of blue water cheese.


carl and thingz[edit]

List of things that carl duzent want u 2 know...

  • The answer to der ultimnate qwetion innit?
  • The things that he duz two black holes
  • Der big fat bun of der norf
  • Happy baby! Lololo!


Just no.