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Cannibal Corpse is a band that sings pretty songs about pretty flowers weeeee happy ^_^ more content emotes etc OMG tis a bunny let's sing

Cannibal Corpse - Submerged In A Petting Zoo[edit]

I took my bunny
And touched petted it
Until it went
"snifl" a bit
Oh yipiyar
Oh hapidaiz
I'll kill your mum
Your cake I'll glaze!
I'll submerge you
In boiling flesh a petting zoo
And you can stroke
My bleeding wang brand new zebra
And totally avoid
The scary axe rollercoasters
The one with the vampires
That go "muha"
Et cetera
"Muha" *cries*
Tis not nice
And that's the story of rainbows!

Cannibal Corpse - I Do Apologise, I Appear To Have Accidentally Disembowelled You Frantically[edit]

Twas not my fault
It was my mum
She said I'd get an orange if I did it
So I did
So anyway
I like cotton
Especially because
African slaves pick it
I can still see their blood
Oh dear not nice
But cotton is soft
Like daisies or pillows
Wee ^^

Cannibal Corpse - Attempting To Allow You To Engage In Wilful Intercourse With My Knife, But Failing[edit]

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Newest cake from the fete
Destined to be mine
Every night I wink to see
In the night
Stork in your every move
I know when you're a lawn
All a lawn!
Thai tights two a penny
Legs fit open
Poos? Flush.
Last erase, son
Skiing and staying at mine
I'm the only one you love
I feel it's not D-Day
My knife deep inside
We need more frosting!
Shag carpet or felt inside her
Flat in north yorkshire, yorkshire!
Shag carpet or felt inside her
Flat in north yorkshire, yorkshire!
Ripped the ski ;(
Coming t'wash
From behind
I bought a crutch
In or out
I stole your card
Ceiling as I

Big guitar solo and happy happy happy um stuff yarso[edit]