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Hooray! We get spam for breakfast! It's canned too!


Do they?

Scientists have proven that when blah equals bananas, you shall explode, spam shall be spam, spam. Also, some guy proves that too much pork can result in overpork. So please, keep your children from restraining to be restrained from the pork. Yes, the pork. Porky, the pig, more precisely who is battling PopPie as we speak, not leet speak, but we speak. 1337 has been proven to prevent AIDS but it is a cause of cancer, just like eggs, overpork and the mind of mindless atrocities.

Please don't eat canned food. You could save a life, though i highly doubt that you will...ah-hem i mean please go and save a life.

Scientists do prove stuff about canned food, though. It is canned, that's for sure, it may be spam, that's a definite and of course, it's mostly edible...MOSTLY!

Stuff that can be proven true about canned food, tinned food, food in a can and food in a tin[edit]

  • It's canned.
  • It's tinned.
  • It's food in a can.
  • It's edible...apart from the can, unless you're that guy that eats bicycles.
  • It could be spam.
  • There is stuff inside.
  • It is inside a can.
  • It's food in a can.
  • We are not lying.
  • It is matter.
  • It is solid, the can i mean.
  • Not made of plastic, but cans, tins, or food in cans.
  • Can be used to contain things, such as food.
  • Always contains food.
  • May be called tinned food, canned food or food in a can or food in a tin.
  • It's food!
  • There are too many stuff that are true about tinned food, canned food, food in a can or food in a tin.
  • You have achieved a high score.

Stuff that you should not know about blabbity, you know.[edit]

  • The can is actually...a can!

And that's about it.